Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Joint Mud

by Jessica Lakes

Joint Mud: At a Glance

This product is a topical solution to address joint pains and other feelings of discomfort. It claims to utilize a mixture of natural and organic components to alleviate pain and uneasiness. It is even claimed that this product can take effect in just as short as 18 minutes. This is faster than other over-the-counter medications. In addition, Joint Mud is composed of 27 various oils of organic sources and is in the form of a tube that can be used for up to 60 days.

Defining Joint Mud

preview-full-healthy-jointsThis particular joint solution is a topical cream with components originating from herbs. The development of Joint Mud is enthused by ancient medicine. It is used for relieving pain. Its manufacturer states that this product is the ideal substitute for over-the-counter pain medications that usually linger in the system for a significant period of time leading to stomach discomfort. Its blend composing of 27 oils from organic sources guarantee to enhance the mobility of joints instantly and through natural means. On the product site, Dr. Mark Binette says: “I’ve been practising medicine for over 21 years and have never seen a product with such staggering results. I believe Joint Mud will help millions of people deal with aches and pains. I have seen impressive results in patients suffering from pain in their knees, back, hips, shoulders, hands and fingers.”

About the Manufacturer

This particular joint solution is an exclusive product of Greek Island Lab.

Understanding How the Product Function

This product functions by targeting the origin of the pain. It does not only treat symptoms but address the root cause itself. It has remarkable oils like cherry oil and clary sage oil. These are recognized for decreasing the chances of swelling and for soothing the muscles. Third-party studies, meanwhile, also show that cherry oil can lessen the pain. There’s also the pomegranate oil, which nurtures and restores the cells in the cartilage. Apart from this, other components involved in Joint Mud’s formula contribute by acting as anti-oxidants and by rousing the blood flow in the joints.

What are the Active Components?




Juniper Berry




In the case that you have an allergy to any of the aforementioned components, then Joint Mud is not for you.

Proper Use of Joint Mud

Basically this joint pain reliever has simple directions for application. Just apply a bit of Joint Mud to where you’re experiencing pain. This cream can be used once to only thrice per day. The manufacturer says that Joint Mud absorbs quickly, so it also produces positive effects immediately. Considering the company’s suggested dose, a tube of Joint Mud should last for eight weeks, depending on how frequently you use it daily. It’s important to always wash your hands after using Joint Mud in order to avoid tainting your food or your eyes. Joint Mud is strictly not for open wounds and is also not applicable on the face.

Furthermore, this topical cream should not be used on kids or babies. In the case that your skin shows signs of irritation, discontinue use and see your physician.

Joint Mud Product Features

The use of Joint Mud is advised to only once daily. The maximum should be thrice each day.

According to the product site, the purchase of Joint Mud comes with a 60-day refund policy.

The list of components is comprehensively provided on the official site.

There have been clinical tests conducted and results have been given.

There are consumer reviews available on the product site.

Joint Mud and its Further Use

preview-full-how-healthy-joints-workEssentially this product is intended for soothing and healing those people struggling with pain on their hands, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, back and neck. Joint Mud is also asserted to enhance and encourage the overall wellness of the cartilage. Back in 2010, this product was under AMA Laboratories. There, it went through clinical studies and tests. AMA laboratories are sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration, so the clinical trials underwent by Joint Mud were legit. The studies show that Joint Mud brought positive results, that is with proper use as directed, there was a vital decrease of pains that are joint-related by 74 percent within the first 18 minutes and 89 percent relief from joint pain with only one application.

In another test, it was shown that Joint Mud helped increase joint mobility and muscle suppleness when applied as suggested consistently for 28 days. In this trial, it was remarked that the number of uses required to delivering respite from joint pain decreased from 3x per day to only 2x daily.

Joint Mud Adverse Reactions

Thus far, there are no known adverse reactions associated with the use of Joint Mud.

What Users Have to Say?

The product site features numerous videos of users discussing their experiences with Joint Mud. However, there’s a high chance that these feedbacks from customers are either biased or not even real. On third party websites that sell Joint Mud, 2 out of 3 users feel that Joint Mud is worth the shot. Though this product has over a thousand followers on Twitter, no one even mentions it. This is the same with their Facebook page, which hasn’t had any updates since July 2013.

Bottom Line

For one, Joint Mud does not have Glucosamine and Chondroitin, two well-known ingredients typically used in products for treating joint pains. On the other hand, the 2 clinical studies published by the manufacturer really demonstrate that its components work hand in hand to aid in the decreasing of joint aches and augmenting joint wellness, in general. Though it seems that many consumers testify to Joint Mud’s claimed effectiveness in alleviating the pain, this feeling of relief from joint pain is also fleeting since none of the users said anything about overall joint health improvement. When you compare Joint Mud to other related joint care items, you’ll see that Joint Mud is not the most reasonably priced nor it is the most effective.

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