Risk and Benefits of Sex for Men Above 60

by Kelly McBeth
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Most older aged men would probably agree that sex is certainly not only for the young. However, sex in the 60s is certainly not the same for when they were in their 20s. As their physiology changes with age, senior men may have to find ways to overcome problems in sexual functions.

Read on to see why sex in your later years is still good for you, or not.


Sex during the Senior Years


As men age, there is a significant decline in their testosterone levels. This factor affects sexual functions like erections and sex drive. These physiological changes may often cause unnecessary anxiety in senior men.


Health Risks For Sex in your Senior Years


Some medical professionals would suggest limiting sexual activity in older men because of heart risks. Studies that support this suggestion says that these risks are due to the strains and demands that sex may require their bodies.

The exhaustion to reach an orgasm is most probably the culprit to the tension in the cardiovascular system. Medical experts suggest to maintain a more regular sexual activity as an infrequent burst of activity may put a strain on the heart.


Sex Obstacles in Older Men


There are many more reasons why sometimes older men become hesitant about sex. Some of these reasons include worrying about performance or certain illnesses that come with aging. But with an open mind, some men often overcome these hesitations by maintaining a proactive sex life. And with the right information, there are a lot of ways to compensate for changes that come with aging.

There are many obstacles that senior men may encounter during sex. Here’s to name a few of them and how older men may be able to deal with it.


  1. Sustaining Erections

This problem arises from the slowing down of blood circulation and the decline in testosterone levels.

To help with this: Take Ginkgo Biloba supplements to increase circulation, improve the erection, or treat impotence.


  1. A decrease in Sexual Drive

Decreased libido is a common problem for older men. But this decline does not have to be permanent. Men may also experience some shifts in their sexuality and how they achieve sexual pleasure.

To help with this: Try to spark new ways to enjoy sex with your partner. You may also consider talking to a sex therapist regarding your sexual drive problems.


  1. Painful Sexual Positions

Sexual positions may also be an issue for older men. As the bodies have undeniably changed, some settings may not work anymore like it used when you were young.

To help with this: Try to engage in more comfortable positions with your partner.


Despite these challenges, many men would still entertain the idea of having regular sex like a regular exercise.

These problems may make you feel hesitant to pursue sex at this stage. But remember that sex plays a vital role in a man’s life, regardless of age. You only have to commit to some adjustments to enjoy satisfying sex with your partner.


While there are difficulties older men may encounter, there are also benefits of sex such as:


Over-all stress reduction

The love hormone released during physical activity contributes to stress reduction. This effect is because oxytocin produced is an antidote to the stress hormone cortisol. As an active sex life in older men may be considered a form of exercise, this generally improves health. Prostate 5LX Review: Are the Claims true?

Boost in self-esteem

You may have aged physically, but being sexually active reminds you of how you were in your younger years.

Boost in self-esteem

Aged men are more able to enjoy sex physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally without the fear of judgment.


Frequent or regular sex with your partner enhances health and may add more years to your life. Studies show that maintaining an active sex life is associated with a healthier and longer life. This vitality is because sex is a stress-management regimen for good health.

Enhanced Brain Function

Active sex life in senior men promotes better memory performance and growth of new brain cells.

Lower Pain Levels

Sex endorphins reduce some health problems like migraines and body and back pains.

Better Physical Fitness

Brain chemicals released during sex helps maintain a healthy weight by reducing food cravings. It may also improve your muscle tone and pelvic muscles.


What Senior Men Should Expect in Bed

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Sex in older couples may not include too many rough activities as younger couples would explore. But this does not necessarily mean that men need to sign-off from sexual activities unless there are serious health concerns.

It is common for older adults to continue to have sexual desire and maintain an active lifestyle. But some changes may have to be considered as adjusting expectations in the bedroom.

Over-all, sex can still be rewarding for men in their senior years. Some of the added benefits of sex to couples are:


  • Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with a partner.
  • There is Freedom from pregnancy concerns.
  • Fewer distractions like children and careers.


Celebrate sex both in the earlier and later stages of adulthood. If you still feel your best at 60 and beyond, do not hesitate to indulge in healthy sex. It is a vital way to embrace age with confidence by being comfortable with the reality of sex at this age.


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