Safety and Efficiency of Phentaslim

by Jessica Lakes
Safety and Efficiency of Phentaslim

Product Interview: Getting to Know Phentaslim

This dietary supplement is a weight loss product that makes solid promises. For one, it claims to be the greatest dietary supplement available in the market today that aims to solve anyone’s weight issues. Its product site appears to be proficiently crafted and is available with all required details about the product.

Product Ingredients: What Phentaslim Contains?

Ingredients of Phentaslim

The following are among some of the components used in Phentaslim. These natural components are attributed for the product’s claimed effectiveness:

Gurana Seed: a well-known component that contains advantageous capacities in terms of hunger repression. It also is rich in caffeine.

Caffeine Anhydrous: this ingredient is known for its potent ability to increase metabolic rates and repress one’s appetite.

Green Tea: this ingredient, on the other hand, aids in the weight loss process.

Raspberry Ketones: promoted by celebrity Dr. Oz, this component is thought to contain substantiated positive results in terms of weight loss.

Cayenne: deprived from capsicum extract, this ingredient aids in boosting one’s metabolism.

L-Tyrosine:  a component from natural sources that boosts energy levels and aids in combating exhaustion.

L-Carnitine: an amino acid that mainly functions to break down fats, eliminating these out of the body.

Product Health Claims

Weight loss product

For boosting the metabolism to efficiently promotes weight loss

For enhancing one’s capacity to burn fat, also is crucial in the weight loss process

For improving general functional abilities and stabilizing the mood for a higher quality of life

Phentaslim is manufactured by a company called Optimum Nutra Inc, a known company in the industry with lots of other creations, mostly products that promote improved health. Their supplements are both available in the United States and United Kingdom. Refund is also being offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Aside from this, there’s also free shipping making it more convenient.

Product Strengths

This weight supplement has been studied and tested clinically to back up its claims.

The quantity of ingredients in the formula is fitting.

The natural components make sure that this supplement is safe for consumption.

There are no adverse reactions thanks to the natural ingredients.

Product Weaknesses


There are claims saying that Phentaslim is just a copy of another weight loss product, the Phen375.

This supplement cannot be consumed beyond three in the afternoon.

It’s also not suitable for those practice vegetarian diets.

Final Verdict for Phentaslim

Overall, this weight supplement is thought to be one of the greatest weight loss supplements available in the market in the resent. How it works and functions in general seems to be efficient and credible at the same time. The list of the ingredients is also disclosed to enable buyers to review. Also, the claims posted on the official site are very clear with verified information. There’s just an issue concerning claims that’s it’s just a copy of another weight loss product.

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