Safety & Efficiency of True Slim Tea

by Jessica Lakes

Product Overview

For one, True Slim Tea has the FDA approval. It has natural herbs, which includes Bamboo Leaf. Regular use of True Slim Tea paves the way for a cleansed digestive system. It also decreases bloating, improves metabolic rates and decreases fat deposits. You can either have a regular tea or the extra strength one. True Slim Tea is created by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen. He’s responsible for the compilation of Encyclopedia of Herbs, which has since used by herbalists all across the globe.

What are the Ingredients in True Slim Tea?

Natural oriental herbs and MalvaVerticellata


Describing True Slim Tea

True Slim Tea is a natural weight loss product that is fully composed of natural herbs. Regular use of this supplement results to the improvement of bowel movement, cleaning the colon and eliminating toxins as a result. Take one cup of True Slim Tea after a meal. Avoid taking more than 2 cups of True Slim Tea each day. 30 bags of the regular tea costs $4.29 while 12 bags of the extra strength kind are priced at $2.99. Both can be acquired via the product site

What are the Advantages of True Slim Tea?

It is developed by well-known master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen, who is a big deal in the herbology field.
There’s a secure payment checkout for online purchase of True Slim Tea.
Purchase and delivery of this weight loss supplement can be done worldwide.
You can choose from either the regular type or the extra strength.
It is a non-caffeine formulation.
The price is reasonable.

What are the Disadvantages of True Slim Tea?

There is no comprehensive information available about True Slim Tea.
The company behind True Slim Tea does not give free samples and refunds.
The precise list of components in True Slim Tea is not divulged.
It is vague whether there are contraindications in True Slim Tea or not.
It would be better if there are more details about the components in the formula.

True Slim Tea – Conclusionshutterstock_108021647

This weight loss supplement can be purchased with regular and extra strength teas as options. It is formulated by using herbal blends that promote weight loss by increasing the metabolic rates, purifying the digestive system, and eradicating fat deposits. On the other hand, there is no clinical study done to verify these claims. The information about the product and its ingredients is also limited.

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