Slimfy Review – All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

by Jessica Lakes
Slimfy Review – All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Slimfy Review

It’s true that dieticians are known for stressing the importance of lifestyle, exercise, and healthy diets when it comes to weight loss and while this is found to be mostly true, adding a supplement can greatly enhance the overall results you experience. Slimfy is a “revolutionary” supplement that claims to take a unique angle on the subject of weight loss. Slimfy doesn’t promise to just burn fat though, they have a three-stage approach to weight loss achieved with their high-quality solution designed to help both genders shed unwanted weight.

Slimfy is highly recommended by physicians around the world and what I find especially intriguing is their claim to do away with the tolerance our bodies create with certain foods or supplements. Basically, when our bodies build tolerance to a supplement the effects of that particular supplement are going to decrease over time, but Slimfy says that with their product this tolerance will be prevented from building up so that you will get the most out of your supplement over time.

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During the first stage of Slimfy you will go through a detox and weight loss stage for one month. This will help you release unwanted toxins with ingredients like ginger, milk thistle, saffron, and green coffee bean extract. Some users swear by this and say that it works perfectly, some say it’s a waste of money and doesn’t work in the slightest. Either way, the detox stage of Slimfy is supposed to prime your body to get ready to enhance your weight loss.

After detoxing you’ll go through the next round (month 2) which will help prepare your body for optimal weight loss. In this stage you’re going to find ingredients like raspberry keytones and green coffee been extract along with CoQ10, reservatrol, saffron, and maqui berry.

That will bring you to the third stage (month 3) which they call the maintenance stage. This stage will help trick your body into overcoming that tolerance. The ingredients that help you through this stage are primarily African mango extract, green tea extract, caralluma febriata, CoQ10, and lychee extract.

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I’ve read many mixed reviews on this product, so it can be hard to gauge whether or not it’s worth it based on those. Everyone reacts different to a supplement depending on their specific body type. Many reviews praise the positive effects and others say it’s completely ineffective.

That being said, it’s definitely a little pricey and their refund policy doesn’t seem like it’ll be very much in your favor, so I’m not sure I would recommend this given that and the negative reviews. However, it does seem like many people have had success with this, although I’ve also discovered that it seems to be discontinued and difficult to find. So it may be worth it to invest your time and money into something with more consistent good reviews that is a little less pricey. There are other products on the market that may be a better option, but if you can find Slimfy for a good price I’d recommend giving it a shot as the ingredients are high quality and pretty solid as far as the type of ingredients you want to look for in a product liket his.

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