Studies Find Link between Relationship Satisfaction and Sexual Performance

Studies Find Link between Relationship Satisfaction and Sexual Performance

Impotence and Relationship Dissatisfaction

Erectile dysfunction and low libido are two of the most prevalent yet treatable male sexual health problems today. In most cases, this is due to severe declines in testosterone levels in middle aged to older men. However, the number of young men experiencing the same symptoms continues to steadily increase every year. Sexual performance issues can be very detrimental to relationship satisfaction and is the number one reason cited by relationship therapists for break ups and divorce. The correlation shown between sexual performance issues and a decline in relationship satisfaction creates a cycle of failure that leads to clinical depression.

Several medical conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. Studies estimate around 50% of men suffering erectile dysfunction will also receive a dual diagnosis of clinical depression. More than a third of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are also known to have an anxiety disorder. Male sexual performance issues are complex and treatment solutions often elevate instead of reducing symptoms. These two disorders reflect the problem pondered in the old cliché about what came first the chicken or the egg? Depression causes sexual dysfunction; Erectile Dysfunction causes Depression. The vicious cycle between sexual performance issues and depression can quickly get completely out of control. Depression medications are associated with sexual performance side effects: low libido and impotence. Erectile Dysfunction medications are shown to increase the risk of developing depression and anxiety.

Couples Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can have a major impact on any relationship. It presents many challenges to both partners and triggers a fundamental breakdown in the relationship. Therapy can assist in dealing with various issues and a valuable resource for learning healthy coping mechanisms. Today many couples try to emulate the previous generations and work through marital difficulties instead of simply giving up and calling it quits. Couples therapists are dealing with an overwhelming amount of clients seeking answers to relationship difficulties and ending this tragic cycle of impotence and depression. A professional and competent counselor will ask a couple to explore other possible reasons for the impotence before giving a great deal of advice on coping with and correcting the physical element of the issue. It is quite possible that an underlying disease and/or a medication could be causing the problem.

Health Professionals Recommendations

The use of a natural male enhancement supplements and toys are generally suggested if the issue is not found to be caused by an underlying medical condition. Mental health professionals work closely with other medical professionals and try to help their clients understand the cyclic pattern between their physical and mental health. Impotence and depression are often the result of poor dietary nutritional intake and lack of physical exercise. Many men are unaware of having the symptoms of essential nutrient deficiency. High quality herbal male enhancement supplements can provide missing these nutrients while giving couples hope and increased interest in sexual activity.

The male enhancement supplement industry is plagued by unscrupulous manufactures that produce pills made from filler ingredients vs high quality herbal ingredients. Couple therapists generally include a supplement recommendation alongside the suggestion to investigate a male enhancement product. Clinicians try to keep things simple and easy for their patients which has led to Formula 41 becoming the number one male enhancement supplement recommended to couples experiencing impotence and relationship problems. Formula 41 Extreme is proven to contain high quality ingredients and improve both sexual performance and mental health.  Couples are encouraged to look into this supplement and explore the possibilities and pleasure that a satisfying sex life brings into a relationship.


The manufactures and researchers behind this supplement have performed extensive clinical studies on every single ingredient contained in Formula 41 Extreme’s formula. This has resulted in the overwhelming support and recommendations seen throughout the medical community. Formula 41 Extreme contains select herbs with a high concentration of vital nutrients that are difficult to incorporate into a daily diet. Liriosma is a nutrient rich flowering plant from Brazil and rarely found in supplement form. This plant deviate is proven to increase testosterone levels which result in increased libido and improves quality and firmness of erections. Formula 41 Extreme creates a cyclic pattern of improved mental health and physical pleasure; ending the cyclic pattern of impotence, depression and failed relationships.