Studies Show Penis Size Influences Frequency of Affairs in Long Term Relationships

by Jessica Lakes

Penis size is important to both men and women. Despite numerous debates on this topic scientific studies unanimously agree that penis size is a major component to both male and female sexual satisfaction.  Size is not merely a male ego booster and a fancied requirement for increased pleasure by women. Long penises with ample girth are indeed optimal for mutually enjoyable sexual intercourse. Studies which prove this fact has often been overlooked due to the prevalence of both small penis size and male supervised news publications; most men have small penises and most news source are operated by men.

Studies Really Show Large Penises Influence Affairs?

Penis size is indeed a major factor in both men and women deciding to engage in one night stands or brief affairs. A study conducted by the University of California in Los Angles (UCLA) found women preferred larger penises for one night stands. The study requested that each female participant play and touch 33 different 3D penis models for 30 seconds and select two models: one model for their current relationship and another model desired for a one night stand. Every female study participant selected a penis model larger than the model selected to represent current relationship for their desired one night stands.  Penis models selected for long term relationships were only slightly shorter in length than the models selected for one night stands. The selection of penis models for desired one night stands was based on increased girth vs increased length.

Why is Girth Important to Female Pleasure?

Researchers explain that large penis girth greatly increases the amount of pleasure experienced by women during sexual intercourse.  Vaginas have numerous pressure sensitive nerve endings which can easily detect sensations of stretching.  These sensors are ideally activated by the girth of penis during penetration and result in orgasmic bliss. Yet, if the penis is small and possess little girth these sensors fail to detect pleasure from vaginal penetration. Additionally, a penis with large girth draws the clitoris closer to the vagina during sexual intercourse and enhances quality of female orgasm.

How Does Girth Influence Affairs?

The question of girth embodies the age old cliché of what came first the chicken or the egg? Scientific research shows that girth influences the amount of pleasure experienced by women during sexual intercourse. Studies also reveal that women prefer larger girth than experienced in current relationship for one night stands. Consequently, men with larger penis size and considerable girth are more likely to engage in frequent one night stands. Women desire large girth for no strings attached pleasure; endowed men are given numerous opportunities to have one night stands.

Solutions for Married Men Who Lack Girth?

If you have a small penis the harsh truth is that you’re unable to fully satisfy a woman and at an increased risk for infidelity occurring within the relationship. Daily exercise is suggested to help improve overall sexual health and increase stamina. Yet, increased stamina will provide nothing but boredom to your partner if you lack the necessary girth to make penetration pleasurable. Natural male enhancement supplements provide a natural alternative to Viagra in addition to increasing penis size. Scams involving male enhancement supplements are as frequent as small penis size but several effective products are available today for increasing penis length and girth. Researching the different best male enhancement supplements available might be a good idea in light of the evidence uncovered on penis girth and female pleasure.

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