The Effect of Sexual Abstinence in Men

by Kelly McBeth

Sexual intercourse is said to be a human essence. It is a general idea that having sex is often prime to all well-being, although it’s not the case for everyone. Consider the fact that Sexual abstinence and being sexually active can be voluntary and involuntary.

Sexual abstinence, as everyone perceives it, is a commitment and manifestation that one should not participate in any sexual activity. Abstaining from sexual activities, however, can have different varieties. One might opt not to engage in all sexual activities or just the actual intercourse. Some may still want to masturbate or do oral sex with their partner. The decision all depends on you which one you are most comfortable with.

According to studies, the sexual need for men is higher than that of women. But still, some consider abstinence so that they can focus on working on themselves or for their personal preference.

Practicing abstinence can have advantages and disadvantages like the following;




Reduces the risk of having STDs– sexual infections are common mostly if it does not include safety precautions. Some examples of these are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and warts – most are curable especially when given attention at early stages. The advantage of abstinence is it curbs the risk of contracting these as you withdraw from sexual activities. Although oral sex might still be involved, it still reduces the risk as oral sex poses a lower risk than that of vaginal or anal sex.


Worry-free from emotional attachments you might consider feelings when having sex with someone and that can be dangerous when you have no plan on having serious relationships yet. This can pertain to both males and females. Abstinence can be effective to help you explore other intimacy options of getting to know someone without getting too attached. You might find out you’ll be having more fun with your partner romantically than sexually.


No early pregnancy abstinence is the most effective method of contraceptive since it does not include any sexual intercourse. Now, if you want to focus on your career and you do not want a baby coming along the way – you might want to consider it aside from using pills, patch, or injection. Not only will it save you from spending a lot of money, but it will also give you a sense of security.





Loss of affection the lack of sex can cause changes in the body and mind. One example is the loss of fondness or affection towards you and your partner. If both of you are mutual about not having sex, you might want to consider other options where you can bond together to strengthen your relationship. Sex is not always the deciding factor, you can always seek for other options. Just make sure to inform the other party of your decision as if you suddenly decide to stop doing it with them, they might think that you don’t love them anymore or that you are cheating with somebody else. Just be vocal and clear of your intentions and all else will be fine.


Low self-esteem although there are a lot of reasons that a man can have low self-esteem, not having sexual activity in one of them. If you decide to practice abstinence make sure it doesn’t affect your self-esteem. Or if this is the reason why you want to abstain from the deed, make sure you seek help. It might be a sensitive topic to talk about but it will help you a lot if you open up to a friend or a healthcare professional so it can be addressed at its early stages.



Reduces libido– while you practice abstinence, your libido can be reduced to a huge difference. You might want to consider other options if you are considering abstinence for short term only. If this is the case, don’t let your libido falter. The body will eventually adjust when you have no sexual activity at all. Continue to give it a spark so it won’t be hard to start a fire when you feel like doing the deed.


Although it is believed that abstinence is a sacred vow – something to remind you to be pure until marriage, or some cultural or personal belief per see. There are a lot of issues that surround sexual abstinence in men since most people do not believe that men can be able to hold their sexual urges.


This is the challenge most men will face especially if they are with sexually active peers. But you have to stand your ground whether you want to practice abstinence or not. It is now better since you know the advantage and disadvantages of sexual abstinence in men. Always make sure to talk to your partner about your decision and their thoughts about it.

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