Things You Need To Know About Penis Fractures

by Jessica Lakes

Most men would rather not discuss penis fractures. After all, it’s a very sensitive topic. I mean, penis fracture? Man, that does not sound like something guys generally want to think about. Even if you just try and picture it your knees turn into jello. Ow.

But penis fracture is a very real – and surprisingly common – thing. And because we’re always dishing out sex tips for men here, we thought it was high time that we discussed the possibilities of penis fracture – as well as how you can avoid it.

The true name for it is penile fracture and it basically is what you think it is – a broken penis. Naturally, despite guys (and girls) referring to an erection as a boner, there are no bones in our penis. For this reason, a fractured penis is not the same as a fractured elbow.

But if your erect penis is delivered a hammer blow, it might feel as though it’s been fractured. And let me tell you, it hurts. You think a fractured elbow hurts? Yeah, well, times that by ten.

Then times that by another ten.

Basically, what happens is that, when you get a boner, the pressure grows inside your penis. When the pressure grows, your penis becomes stiff – erect – and you can’t bend it. But if it receives a hammer blow – such as your partner moves it way too much whilst grinding – the pressure can overload, leading to rupture.


Aside from the excruciating pain, a classic symptom of penile fracture is an accompanying popping – or cracking – sound. If you hear this emanate from your penis, you know you’re in trouble. Moreover, your boner will droop immediately because the effect of penile fracture is akin to a balloon being popped. So, basically, your penis will deflate.

Not long afterwards, you’ll experience swelling and bruising. If the fracture is really blood, you will see blood in your urine.

What Should You Do Next?

Many guys would much rather not go to A&E with a penis emergency, but if you’ve torn your penis, you have to go to the emergency room immediately.

The doctors will give you a clinical exam to determine whether you’ve suffered penile fracture, and they may give you a cystoscopy. If penile fracture is confirmed, you’ll need surgery.

That’s right – penile surgery

That isn’t no kind of fun, which is why we always recommend being careful during sex.

How To Avoid It

The good news is that penile fracture can be avoided. Instead of constantly listening out for popping sounds now that you’ve read this article, you can rest easy. After all, you’ve lasted this long without fracturing your boner, haven’t you?

To help keep penile distress at bay, you can always avoid riskier sex positions. According to Brazilian research, most penile fractures take place whilst the woman is on top. This is because she is controlling the movement, and if your little dude slips out momentarily, she might not realise it and then BANG.

Another sage piece of advice is to only penetrate your partner once your fully erect, as this reduces the risk of it twisting.

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