Tongkat Ali Review: What is it?

by Jessica Lakes
Tongkat Ali Review: What is it?

Tongkat Ali Analysis

Tongkat Ali is a commonly used compound in formulas for tons of supplements on the market today. It is said to naturally support testosterone production making it a perfect component to powders and pills for muscle enhancement as well as erectile dysfunction correction.

Tongkat Ali is also often found within weight loss formulas due to the fact that it amplifies fat burning actions. This flowering shrub is not just incorporated into the treatment of health disorders of men, but those common to women.

Certain supplement distributors design blends with Tongkat Ali for hindering the development of carcinoma cells. It is also used to reverse male infertility. This examination is to investigate these claims and uncover the facts.

Tongkat Ali Sources and Synonyms


Natural Viagra Pasak Bumi; Indonesian Ginseng; Eurycoma Longifolia Jack; Longjack; and Malaysian Ginseng are a few of labels associated with Tongkat Ali. This is a flowering plant that is indigenous to Thailand; Vietnam; Laos; Indonesia; and Malaysia.

Ancient Asian medicine has used the root of this evergreen shrub for many centuries. Aboriginal civilizations traditionally steeped a drink from its roots and bark. This tea was used to treat an extremely a wide variety of health conditions.

Tongkat Ali Functions


Tongkat Ali incites the manufacture of testosterone in the body and impedes the chemical signaling levels to drop when it begins to peak. There is scientific evidence proving it promotes muscle cell synthesis; enhances the libido; spurs fat burning rates; and increases strength.

This blossoming evergreen delivers compounds commonly referred to as quassinoids. They have malaria battling abilities and functions to intercede cortisol production enhancing the body’s stress coping mechanisms. Chemicals called beta-carboline alkaloids are obtained from it as well. They were proven to cause cytotoxicity in cancer cells

Tongkat Ali Upsides and Downsides

Tongkat Ali Upsides

Professional studies for efficacy have been performed on Tongkat Ali all over the world.

Tongkat Ali is carried by a wide range of supplement and herb websites.

Longjack is sold in a variety forms to hide the taste.

Many people have had excellent experiences with the use of this plant.

Tongkat Ali Downsides

Exceeding the suggested dose can cause insomnia.

The properties in this evergreen shrub can also incite irritability.

Some consumers claim that they were restless after taking large amounts.

Hot flashes can result from using excessive amount.

Most customers complain that is tastes nasty.

Warning: Ingesting too much of any substance can result in unwanted side effects.

Tongkat Ali Purchase Hints

The root of this evergreen provides the strongest properties.

Research the business practices of the distributors before making a purchase.

It is said that the Malaysian variety of this herb is not as powerful as that which is from Indonesia.

Tongkat Ali Final Vote

Tons of clinical trials have been performed on Tongkat Ali to test the degree of its efficacy. The journals of the results are obtainable for review across the web. Customers have a wide assortment of buying sources on the internet and the fees vary extensively from drain the bank to very affordable.

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