Top 15 Exercises for Men for Fitness and to Gain Muscle

by Kelly McBeth
banded good morning

Nowadays, it seems that going to the gym is already a luxury. For others who are not so fond of men’s fitness, it is so easy to dismiss the topic and get away with an alibi that there are other important things to do. But little do they know, fitness for men is a way of life and must be taken seriously.

Maintaining a healthy body and staying fit is not only for the fitness buff but also for everyone. With everything going on in our usually busy lives, fitness exercises are essential more than ever. Let us explore why men’s fitness matters and how we can achieve such goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Regular physical activity is essential in regulating your body weight in order to lessen the risk of several chronic diseases. Having a higher level of cardio-respiratory fitness for men means that your health and overall well-being is very well maintained. Even if we already know the number of benefits that we can gain from staying actively fit, many are still not convinced in following the healthier route.

For this reason, there is a great need to consistently educate people about men’s fitness. People should know what routines and guidelines to follow, how often should they exercise, and why it is necessary to maintain a workout schedule. And since we are already exploring the importance of men’s fitness, one factor that we also need to tackle is the different gym routines that must be followed to ensure that all areas in your body are covered.

In order to achieve success on your scheduled workout, here are 15 vital gym routines to follow:


dead lift

  1. Known as the king of all exercises, the DEADLIFT has a great impact on all major muscles. If you want to test your strength to its limits, you will definitely see how much you can handle with this workout routine. A huge amount of testosterone hormone is released into the bloodstream every time your muscle works; making this routine a foundation for all fitness plans.  
  2. If you want to target and develop your leg muscles, you can hit the gym and do a barbell BACK SQUAT. Much like the deadlift, your major muscles get activated causing them to develop even more. If you ask any athlete, they’ll tell you that they owe their faster speed in running, higher jump, and an overall increase in strength to back squat.
  3. In order for men to look more masculine with or without a t-shirt on, there is no doubt that BENCH PRESS is the move for them. Bench press helps develop a powerful and well-toned pectoral muscle, broadens your shoulder, and defines your triceps. Surely, you’ll achieve that “little black book” you’ve been longing for, with the help of that muscle-building power of testosterone released for every bench press that you do.
  4. To maintain the health of your lower back, as well as develop that gorgeous set of glutes, the best exercise for you is the DUMBBELL ROMANIAN DEADLIFT. Aside from the benefits above, your butt and legs may well be developed with this move, along with a more flexible hamstring to aid in reducing back pain from sitting in your office all day long.
  5. The KETTLEBELL SWING is beneficial in conditioning your glutes and hip hinge. Proper execution of the hip-hinged movement together with excellent cardio will help you build a solid, well-toned physique that will bring envy to other men.
  6. If you ask any trainer in the world, they will tell you how useful are SUSPENDED PUSHUPS. You get to experience more muscle fiber activation just by doing pushups using unstable suspended handles. This routine results in more strength, long term shoulder health, and better muscle development in a shorter span of time as compared to other varieties of the classic pushup.
  7. A huge, wide set of shoulders and fan-shaped muscles can be attributed to the traditional PULLUP. It consists of a big, multi-joint move that eventually releases your testosterone hormones to boost strength and overall muscle development.
  8. The MEDICINE BALL SLAM helps to develop a well-defined midsection just like those that can be seen in the magazines. Works by carving out gorges in the midsection, the medicine ball slam helps make your abs look like a bunch of romedicine ballck hard buns. 
  9. If your goal is to have a six-pack even though you may be faced with a challenge, you may want to do a SWISS BALL ROLLOUT. Your abs will be under increasing tension as you roll out on the ball. Men’s fitness experts will tell you that the secret to getting a lean and ripped muscle is through high muscular tension. 
  10.  The BANDED GOOD MORNING is an excellent developer for your lower back muscles. Using the band makes it work like a physical therapy exercise as compared to a traditional lift. Aside from that, you may be well assisted in a squat as you are able to load more weight on the bar.
  11. Too often than not, men are tempted to go for the more complicated equipment that they can find in the gym. But little do they know that the more effective workouts are just simply lifting heavy items. After your routine workout, you may want to carry a 70 lb dumbbell for 30 seconds or more to target your forearms. After a few weeks of doing a FARMER’S WALK, you may expect to have a faster transition on the heaviness of your weights to lift.
  12. A HAMSTRING CURL on a physioball provides a lot of stress off your knees which forces you to coordinate your upper and lower body as you hammer your hamstrings. This serves as a good finishing move for hamstrings while the physioball gets the glutes working to assist in getting bigger lifts for a deadlift.  
  13. Another amazing routine that promotes long term joint health is the SUSPENDED INVERTED ROW where you will be able to correct your imbalances or weaknesses as you work out both sides of your body.
  14. The standing BARBELL OVERHEAD PRESS needs tons of effort from your abs and all other assistance muscles in building your upper body so that it becomes more developed. With this move, you’ll expect your shoulders to look like cannonballs and your chest to be more prominent and manly.
  15. If you want to directly target the biggest set of muscles in your body (which are your glutes), you might want to try the BARBELL HIP THRUST to strengthen your back and have a more flexible hamstring. 

Now that we know the different routines to follow in order to maintain men’s fitness, we also realize that we need specific routines to follow in order to hit the right area that we want to develop. 

But contrary to popular belief that the more you spend in the gym, the more you will gain bigger muscles, this is not the case. If you’ll spend most of your time in the gym, you’ll only be stressing out your muscles.

Less is more and it can’t be more true in men’s fitness. As backed up by science and according to CDC (Center for Disease Control), adults need about 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout per week similar to brisk walking. But if you are willing to go higher with more effort, your time decreases to 75 minutes with exercises equivalent to jogging or running. They also recommend a combination of cardio and two days of weekly strength training to activate all major muscle groups. 

So you see, the reality about men’s fitness cannot be achieved through strenuous hard work, but it is a matter of consistency and the quality or intensity of effort you put into every routine that makes for a successful workout.



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