Top Sex Positions for Men With Small Penises

by Kelly McBeth

Let’s get the question out of the way: are you one of the men who feel that they have a small penis?

Men sometimes feel overly concerned and insecure about their penis size…until they found out that they fall right around or just under the average.

The National Health Service states that the average penis size when erect generally runs to around 5 to 7 inches, with the average for most men falling around 5 to 61/2 inches in length.

What does this mean? If your penis is around 5 inches long, then you would be just around or just under the average.

However, many men are still obsessed about their penis size thinking they are too small.

Any ideas as to why this is the case?

You can thank the advent of pornography for this prevailing obsession about penis size.

Thanks to the penises most of us see in porn flicks dangling off trained models that have been chosen specifically for their length and girth are an unrealistic representation of the worldwide average.

Many men are worried sick about their penis size being smaller than the mean. However, they’re just plain wrong. Most men are around one inch of the 5-inch erect penis on average. Even men with smaller penises than that can still enjoy fantastic, mind-numbingly great sex. Better still, most women are completely satisfied with their men’s penises, based on surveys.

Be that as it may, you may wish to try other positions that help you and your partner go deeper, longer, and harder. Read more to see what sex positions work best for men with small penises–and how to have better sex regardless of how big or small your penis is.

Sex Positions for Men Who Have a Small Penis

Achieving better, more satisfying penetration with a smaller member is all about the angles–or the right positions that allow men to reach all the right places. It must be noted that the suggestions listed below are merely informational and are oriented towards heterosexual health, which means they might not be for everyone.

Ultimately, only you and your partner can decide which sex positions are actually “the best” for your unique circumstances. Here are some of our five best suggestions:

  • Doggy style. The receiving partner can get on all fours and then drop their face and chest down on the bed while sticking their butt out for maximum penetration. The position allows the giver to gain deeper vaginal access by removing your legs and reducing the gap between the vagina and the base of your penis.
  • Sidesaddle. Side saddling helps intensify contact with the vaginal wall, while increasing the sensations and likelihood of hitting the mythical G-spot in women.
  • Piledriver. It’s not a wrestling move, but a rather exhilarating, challenging position where the receiver is on their back with legs up and spread wide open. The piledriver allows men with smaller penises to enjoy a deeper range of penetration and thrusting.
  • Reverse cowgirl. Men, it isn’t rocket science: simply prop your hips up using a pillow to find that right spot that’s comfortable and enjoyable for you. Then, have your partner climb on top as they face your legs.

These are mere suggestions–there are so many more positions you can try. Let your imagination run free, and refrain from putting limits on just penetrative sex. The female orgasm is a complicated thing and slamming your penis as hard as you can doesn’t necessarily mean your partner will orgasm over and over. Use your hands to stimulate your partner’s nipples and clitoris. Doing so will have her climax faster. Communicate with your partner, explore the full spectrum of sexuality together. Try using fun sex toys, role-playing, and the right kink, as well as incorporating a combination of all of them while penetrating your partner. There’s also the possibility of anal sex for couples who might be interested in a different sensation.

Have better sex now–no matter what your penis size is

In the end, penis size and penetrative sex aren’t the measuring stick of satisfying, pleasurable sex life.

If you still find yourself insecure about your penis size, just remember that you can be completely dickless and yet still enjoy great sex without having to engage in penetrative action. Better still, you can always enjoy sex because the nerve endings that matter the most for male pleasure is situated right at the tip of the penis.

Also remember that women reach orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation through methods such as oral sex, using sex toys, or manual masturbation–not from going deep every single time. Some women might even be turned off with having sex with a penis that’s too big.

In the end, it’s all about communication: use the techniques, positions, and proven ways that take your partner to a mind-blowing climax, try new things, and always remember that tastes and preferences change over time. Sex is all about connection, emotion, and clitoral stimulation more than how big your wiener is. Employ the sex moves that accentuate your penis size and enhance what your mother gave you, and don’t forget to communicate and to compromise. You got this!

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