True Calm – Will it genuinely work for is it simply a placebo?

by Jessica Lakes
True Calm - Will it genuinely work for is it simply a placebo?

Sometimes there are aspects of life that could use the extra boost and so looking for a supplement that can assist these issues can become a crucial search. If you have no idea what you are looking for you can find yourself quite confused when realizing the mass of ingredients which are available. For those who need a little help in this area, we have made reviews that will show and explain the formulas in an easy to grasp manner that will allow you to then make your own decision as to whether for not the product is suitable for you and your needs.

Product description 

Reduce stress

A dietary supplement made by the renowned company Now Foods is True Calm which will temporarily relieve mental stress and create a relaxed mood. Using a blend of amino acids such as GABA which decreases the amount of overstimulated nerve cells and nourishes the brain with other nutrients, this product will have a positive effect on your overall well being and impact the body positively as well. Designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation through the use of natural components, this company hope to combat deficiencies which are known to cause depression or impact the severeness of psychological disorders.

Ingredients and formula 

True Calm - Ingredients

The full list of components is as follows: GABA, inositol, valerian, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, glycine, and taurine.
It is best to be aware that this supplement may only be effective for minor stress and slight mood problems. Unfortunately, there were no clinical trials performed to test the product’s effectiveness. Consulting a doctor before beginning to take this remedy, especially when already underway with any other type of medication is strongly advised. Under no circumstances should this product replace antidepressants. The key element of this formula is GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) as it is an important neurotransmitter and is known to counteract anxiety for depression when at a higher level. An active ingredient inositol is naturally found in the body and facilitates the transmission of serotonin, which also battles against depression and bipolar disorder.
Valerian is a herb which assists sleeping disorders and is often used for treating conditions related to psychological stress and anxiety.


The price is staggeringly cheap at just $9.59 for ninety capsules said to last around one month. The recommended dose is no more than three per day. There is no money back guarantee option for extra reassurance.


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