Vexxum Review – Worth Buying?

by Jessica Lakes
Vexxum Review – Worth Buying?

Vexxum Review

There are two products created by Pro Supps called Jekyll and Hyde that have made an impact on the workout crowd, but many may not be aware of another product, Vexxum, they released. Vexxum is a fat-burning product that, they say, only requires you to take one pill each day that will last you throughout an entire 24-hour period. It’s created as a concentrated formula in order to provide weight loss from every angle possible while also made with nootropics that will add a certain feel-good quality we could always use more of. As Vexxum boosts your mood, they also claim that it will boost your metabolism while burning fat and slicing your appetite.

Lotus seed extractI’m sure you would now like to know exactly which ingredients make this possible. The foundation of Vexxum is created with three different types of caffeine. First, we have Caffeine Anhydrous normally found in coffee. And the other two are Caffeine Citrate that comes on quicker than traditional caffeine Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate) which is buffered caffeine that is quite a bit less intense on your stomach. Vexxum is a proprietary blend so we are unsure of the exact amounts, but we do know that the entire formula overall amounts to 627mg and has 11 ingredients combined.

The complete list of ingredients is as follows: Lotus Seed Extract (which is an antioxidant fat-burner), Theacrine (acts as a stimulant), Hordenine HCL (promotes adrenaline release), Octopamine HCL (milder fat-burner), Yohimbe Bark Extract (another stimulant), Sulbutiamine (nootropic that increases neurotransmitters to improve overall mood and focus), and Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (a milder form of Yohimbe).

YohimbeVexxum is recommended to be taken as one dose per day with food until you know for sure that you are able to handle it on an empty stomach. A positive thing to note is that a bottle of Vexxum will last over a month, which makes it a pretty affordable and economical option. However, we do believe there may be too many stimulants in this formula for some to tolerate without side effects. Not to mention, the addition of Yohimbe can cause some potentially dangerous side effects. Yohimbe is not permitted in some countries due to its dangerous qualities. So that’s a definite negative to watch out for, but if you would still like to try it you can purchase Vexxum online through various retailers like Amazon and the Pro Supps official website.  The price will vary but as far as we can find, Amazon is currently the cheapest at about $25 a bottle.
So if you are on the lookout for a stimulant of some kind that will help you with your fat burning goals and also improve your mood, Vexxum is worth a shot if you can find it at a cheaper rate like the price which is currently at $25/bottle. We will say that we haven’t found anything particularly noteworthy about Vexxum, but it appears to be a decent product for a good price that does offer stimulant qualities and an overall increase in mood and performance. Just be cautious while taking this as Yohimbe is known to have some terrible side effects that will make you regret taking it. We know this from experience. If you have a positive experience with Vexxum be sure to let us know!

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