What is Financial Domination

by Healthy American Male Staff
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Have you heard about Fin Dom? How about Financial Domination? It’s a fetish. And like any fetish, there are plenty of places to find outlets for it on the internet.  It’s a growing fetish too. Some women report making tens of thousands of dollars IN A SINGLE DAY just by engaging men with this fetish. So, what is financial domination?

At it’s most basic level, financial domination is a dominant-subordinate relationship — whether that relationship is sexual in nature for either party is really up to them, but rarely is it sexual for the woman — where the man gives the woman money, either for absolutely nothing in return or only to be ridiculed. Most women who practice in this kind of industry do so over videos on the internet. There’s a physical disconnect between the parties that — to most — only amplifies the pleasure that they get from it. And the men spend, sometimes, hundreds of dollars in a single session.

Dom-sub relationships in S&M are all about giving up control to the other partner for a period of time. The control, in this case, comes in the form of money or a credit card or gifts.

Sexy woman in blindfold bite whip with red lips, lace eye cover, bdsmAs with any dominant-submissive fetish, there is terminology and colloquialisms that are specific to that fetish.  The men — the payers — are often referred to as “money slaves” or “pay pigs” and serve as merely a “wallet” to the dominant “mistress,” “findom” or “princess.”

Most findoms will accept one time small payments, but others also place their “pay pigs” on payment schedules where, if they miss or are late with a payment, they can find themselves being publicly humiliated in one of their mistress’ videos that they release for public consumption. They often threaten blackmail. It’s all a part of the game, but can be very stressful for the submissive that has given up control of his money and wallet. And, again, that is all a part of the fetish.

As with any dominant-submissive relationship, those experienced with the culture will make sure to take the time to communicate with one another when they enter into this kind of relationship to lay out the terms. It’s important to make sure that there are boundaries. Some submissives may want to take things farther than others but there have to be limits — and safe words — to make sure things don’t get out of control.

There are easier forms of this fetish, such as anonymous users that make small donations, or buy a single thing off of a findom’s Amazon wish list.

There are also extreme forms, such as where a man will hand over his bank account numbers and passwords so the findom can take whatever she wants whenever she wants. Or he can divert a percentage of his paycheck every month straight into her bank account.

Most performers will not acknowledge any sexual gratification from the experience. There’s definitely a power high that occurs, and the financial stability is nice, but it’s a job.

Most findoms will never interact with their submissives in person. Instead, they rely on the internet for all communication. This increases the distance between the subjects, and increases the humiliation for the submissive pay pig.

woman holding handcuffs with hundred-dollar bills in bikiniThe financial exchanges may come from being totally ignored by the findom, but most often, the findom will record a video where they verbally humiliate a generic submissive. Or, for a higher price, will video chat directly with a submissive, only to ignore them or verbally humiliate them specifically. The findoms will use name-calling, mostly. Some submissives have specific requests of their findoms, or findoms offer special services for a fee. For instance, some will get paid up front, get a phone call from their submissive, and they will then ignore. They put the phone, with it on the call with the submissive, in their purse while they take the money they just got from him and go shopping. Or even go on a shopping spree. This can also happen in an in-person session, where the man will merely follow along, handing over his credit card to the findom to do with as she pleases.

As with most fetishes, there’s nothing inherently unhealthy about indulging in it with an experienced partner, where the two of you have set out the ground rules beforehand. However, there are risks involved.

For the submissive male, he can get in too deep.

Most findoms report that they won’t take advantage of anyone, but it’s not always easy to tell when or if you are. The submissive needs to be upfront about any growing or surprise financial constraints that have cropped up that might keep them from being able to keep their head above water in terms of debt if they’re also paying to fund a findom. And as with any behavior, this fetish can get addictive to the point of being destructive. It’s always important to keep your budget in mind, and keep this kind of thing strictly in your entertainment budget.

Also, if you have a significant other, and are participating with something like this with a woman online who is not your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, then you need to be upfront about it. If you’re hiding it, then you’re treating it as something that you’re ashamed of, and — potentially — the reason that you’re ashamed of it has to do with more than just the humiliation involved. Hiding this kind of thing hints that you may consider it to be cheating.  Let your significant other in on it. She’ll appreciate the head up about where a good chunk of your paycheck is going each month, and may even be able to participate in some way. I’m sure she’d love to be spoiled too, or could become a part of the network of humiliation and blackmail that is part and parcel with this fetish’s world.

If you’re interested in this kind of fetish and getting involved in financial domination, make sure you’re doing it safely. Be open and communicate with your findom and make sure you’re not hurting yourself or your relationships with others with it.

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