Why You Should Be Honest With Your Partner

by Jessica Lakes

The key to a good sex life with your partner is to embrace the fundamental ethos that honesty is without a doubt the best policy. If we’re not honest we can become miserable. Moreover, our lies might eventually get found out – which will then make her miserable.

The way to cure all this depressing misery is to be honest about you wants, your needs, your emotions – and your past. After all, a lot of male sexual health problems tend to arise from stress. And if you’re dishonest, stress is just a day or two away.

Your Partner Slows You Down When You Run Together – What Do You Do?

Do you slow down too, despite slowing down really irritating you and putting your whole schedule out of whack? Do you accommodate her and take your time jogging by her side, despite constantly checking your watch, knowing that your whole day is pretty much screwed. Does it annoy you to have to run at a much slower pace than usual?

Nope, instead you be honest about the situation. You should tell your partner that running is your “me” time and that you need this to help you reset. The only thing you have to wrestle with is how you go about breaking this news to her. You’ve gotta be sensitive, and you’ve gotta make sure you don’t come across as a jackass. And besides, perhaps you not slowing down will encourage her to get faster. Win.

She Wants You To Have Sex At A Party – What Do You Do?

Okay, so she wants secret sex at a party – but you don’t. The real issue might not be her burning desire to have sex in your mate’s closet – the real issue might be the fact that you just haven’t been giving her the intoxicating passion she’s been lusting after. And so having a quickie in your buddy’s closet is her last resort. She needs it but you don’t really fancy it.

Rather than tell her that you’re not in the mood (which could have disastrous consequences. For example, she may get the impression you’re just not that into her anymore), you could instead tell her you both need to leave right now – because you want her so bad. As soon as you home, press her against the wall, kiss her passionately, and take her.

She Wants To Invite One Of Her Exes To Your Party – What Do You Do?

This one is a bit of a weird one. If his invitation makes you squirm with discomfort, then you should tell your partner. After all, this is well within your right. If, however, you don’t think it’s such a big deal, then make sure this comes across. Shake his hand, be a gentleman. This will reinforce your partners belief in your unshakeable confidence.

She’s Sick And You Want To Sleep On The Couch – What Do You Do?

Sleep on the couch! Don’t be dishonest about this one and get all grumpy when you catch her bug because you slept in the same bed. Naturally, you have to do more than just sleep on the couch; you have to run out for tissues, medicine, tea and DVDs.

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