Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release – Is it the Best Zantrex Yet?

by Jessica Lakes
Zoller Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release – Is it the Best Zantrex Yet?

It is not all fun and games trying to pick out the right supplement to help you achieve your desired physique. We understand the importance of getting it right from the get go and not struggling through several brands trying to find the right one.

Our expert knowledge of natural herbs, ingredients and their effects are a great contribution to our reviews that we provide you about the different types of holistic products that are available on the market today.

We hope to explain the contents and their functions to help save you having to do a whole lot of research or risk buying a product that you do not necessarily understand.

The product

First, there was Zantrex Red, then Zantrex Blue. Now, there is Zantrex Black! Zoller have had three attempts at getting this mix exactly correct. But did they succeed? Have they finally got it right?

Zantrex Black hopes to help you rapidly lose weight and reduce body fat without the unwanted side effects that some customers endured after having taken the previous versions.


Ingredients of Zollar ZantrexThere are a number of ingredients with beneficial affects within this product. Things like: Niacin, Green and Black Tea, Maca Root, Guarana Seed, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Damaina and Black Pepper.

Niacin is a vitamin that assists your exercise regime through increasing the blood flow. The only down side is that this can cause the skin to turn red and is called the ‘Niacin Flush.’

In order to feel focused, happy and motivated one needs dopamine which is provided by the natural herb Maca Root.

Value of Zollar ZantrexBy using Ginseng, muscles are able to receive a supply of nutrients and oxygen during the workout.

The best part is – Damaina! This ingredient helps to boost the sex drive!

The worst part is the caffeine content. Although you do not see it listed within the ingredients stated here, look a little closer. Green Tea, Black Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana Seed combined results in this product being packed full of stimulants.

If you are a regular coffee drinker who is used to this amount of caffeine per day, then you will be alright! (Apart from you would have to cut coffee out of your life . . .)

However, if you a person sensitive to stimulants then this product is sadly not for you and you will need to find a stimulant-free alternative.


For just over a month’s supply you can get a bottle for the price of $25.99. The dose is two soft gels per day.


If you wish to lose weight and fat quickly without consuming a high intake of caffeine that may cause uncomfortable side effects then a suggestion would be to opt for Flat Belly or GarciniaX.

Both of which are extremely effective appetite suppressants which are kind to the body and system. Each bottle costs only $19.95 and is a very fair price for carefully designed supplements that are 100% safe to digest.



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